Steps to Remember Before Recycling Your Computer Scrap


As they are more fondly called 'personal computers' or PCs, can you even do without them these days? Well, yes, with your handheld tabs and mobile phones doing all that a PC can do, you can survive without a PC.

Smartphones are so smart these days that PCs have taken a back seat in our lives. You might no longer need your PC, but have you given a thought to recycling it?

Getting rid of a machine as complex as a PC can pose a considerable challenge, undoubtedly. But the safest way to get rid of it is to get it recycled.

There are different recycling options available for your personal computer. But before going down the recycling road, you must ensure that there is no sensitive data in the PC that can pose a risk for you.

You need to keep in mind certain things before you put up your PC in the recycling box. What are they? Let's learn about them in this article.

 Back up All the Present Data from Your PC

The first step that you want to ensure before recycling your PC is to take the backup of all your data. How to go about the data backing process? There are several ways in which you can take care of this task:

  • Get the data transferred to your new computer - if you plan to use another PC, it is an excellent option to transfer the data to the new machine. Or you can also back the data upon your Tab as well. It can be done with the help of a wi-fi connection or a USB port.
  • Get it transferred to an external hard drive - if you have an external hard drive at your disposal, you can also back up your data there. The external hard drives can also automate the backup procedures making it easier for you.
  • Get a cloud storage backup - one of the most effective ways of backing up your necessary data is to use cloud storage. Cloud is easy to save and does not require any additional support device. The only drawback of cloud storage is that it has limited space. If you use the space wisely, cloud storage can be a great option.

Erase Any Data That Might Remain

The next step should be to erase any data that is left on the hard drive. It can be a rather complicated process for you, especially if you are not a tech-savvy person.

Simply moving the data into the recycle bin and deleting them will not suffice. There are ways in which hackers can access your data and retrieve it. To ensure that all your data are completely removed from the computer, you need to follow some additional steps.

One option is using certain file shredder apps that overwrite your data with scrambled programs. Such programs are difficult to read and hence make your data safe from the hands of hackers.

 Clear the Browser Caches and Sign out from All Accounts

Clearing the browser caches will remove any history files from your computer. It is helpful if you have saved your login information or passwords in any of the browsers. Sign out of all your accounts and delete all the login details. You wouldn't want your data to end up in the hands of the hackers, would you?

 Get a Factory Reset Done

Factory reset is a must-do procedure before you send your computer for recycling. There are different ways of resetting your PC. But the most common way is to boot up your computer in the utility mode or even the recovery mode.

Usually, a factory mode will erase all the data from your computer and its settings too. The computer gets back to its original setup. It is advantageous if you plan not to recycle the computer as scrap but donate it for further use at a charity.

 Are You Planning to Trade-In?

You can trade in a computer too for recycling. Several trade-in companies offer good money for an old computer. All you need to do is fill up a form on their website stating all the necessary details, and they will get back to you.

 Shred the Hard Drive of the Computer Separately

The best way to remove any sensitive data from the hard drive is to remove it from your computer and physically shred it. It will ensure no data on your hard drive can ever be reaccessed.

 Your Computer Is Now Good to Say Goodbye to You

Once you are sure about your data backup, you are ready to bid goodbye to your computer. But do not add on to the e-waste problem with another piece of junk. If you are not donating your computer for charity or not opting for a trade-in, get it recycled. There are Local County or city websites that offer scrap recycling of electronics products. Simply mail them about your requirement and get it picked up by their people.

Some of the electronic waste products like used computers can pose hazards for the environment and people. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you dispose of your machine correctly and most appropriately. You can also get in touch personally with a recycling company that can provide you with the service.


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